Board of Directors
To form the Board of Directors (BoD), the Executive Committee expands its membership twice annually for the mid- and end-of-year meetings to include additional members in line with McGill’s policy on research centre accreditation.

  • BoD Chair: In line with McGill policy, the dean of the lead faculty, currently the Dean of Medicine, or delegated designate, chairs the Board of Directors meetings.
  • BoD Membership:
    • Members of the Executive Committee
    • McGill Provost (or delegate)
    • Collaborating Institutions’ Student Representatives (graduate/post-graduate)

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee (ExCom) meets quarterly and is responsible for the oversight, development and sustainability of the Ludmer Centre, final approval of all operational and financial reports, and accountability to the collaborating Institutions and all donors. Two of the meeting are combined with the Board of Directors meetings.

The Directorate is responsible for daily operational oversight and management of the Ludmer Centre and is accountable to the Executive Committee.

      • Scientific Directors:
      • Associate Director: Joanne Clark
      • Development Associate: Vicky Chainey
      • Administrative Assistant: Chantal Caron

Donor Advisory Committee
The Donor Advisory Committee (DAC) is a non-academic advisory body whose members are committed to advancing the Ludmer Centre goals and mental health research. Members represent an invaluable pool of expertise across a broad range of areas —management, communications, business partnerships, technological development, etc.— who are committed to the success of the endeavours they invest in. These visionary leaders provide counsel and support on developing the Ludmer Centre and promoting its research to external constituencies.

Mr Irving Ludmer

Chair, Donor Advisory Committee

Mr. Irving Ludmer, a McGill University 1957 engineering physics alumnus, was a long-time executive with the Steinberg grocery chain and a founding partner and president of Cleman Ludmer Steinberg Inc. As the founding donor, he was instrumental in establishing the centre and is committed to supporting its growth. Read more..

The Ludmer Centre is currently building its Donor Advisory Committee membership; check back to meet our new members.

Scientific Advisory Committee
The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) provides independent advice and guidance to the Ludmer Centre to help ensure the centre achieves its stated objectives and remains at the leading edge of research in neuroinformatics and mental health.

A SAC is convened every two (2) years to review the Ludmer Centre’s accomplishments and portfolio of ongoing and planned activities. It provides a written report to the Executive Committee. SAC members are leading researchers, independent from the Ludmer Centre team, with sufficient collective expertise to advise on the breadth of the technology and research areas offered by the Ludmer Centre. With the exception of the Chair, SAC members are specifically appointed for each meeting.

The first SAC meeting is scheduled for Fall 2016. Revisit this page to learn who our distinguished members are for 2016.

To contact a person or an institution in the governance structure: