Our Donors

The Ludmer Centre would not be possible without people like you.

The generous support of visionaries, community leaders, corporations, foundations, and the individuals impacted by mental health problems, as well as their families and friends, are helping us create the next revolution in mental health prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Our donors invest in the Ludmer Centre’s research because of a shared belief that today’s research and big-data technologies offer an unprecedented opportunity to advance our understanding of how mental illnesses develop.

But more importantly, their gifts represent their desire to protect children from developing a mental illness and a desire to improve the lives of those already impacted by a mental illness.

The contributions of time and money by our donors bring us closer to developing prevention strategies, biologically-tested diagnosis, and patient-tailored treatments.

Thank you for sharing and believing in our vision!
If you would like to invest in our research, please contact us.

Annual Donors & Investors

  • The Irving Ludmer Family Foundation: The Ludmer Centre would not exist but for the generous annual donations provided by the Ludmer Foundation as well as the guidance of Mr Irving Ludmer and his vast business acumen.

Supporting Donors

  • Blema & Arnold Steinberg, 2015