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The Ludmer Centre and its researchers in the news. These are just a few of the articles in which the work of the Ludmer Centre researchers are highlighted or referenced.

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Dr. Meaney

Dr. Evans

Dr. Greenwood

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Dr. Meaney

Dr. Evans

Dr. Greenwood

Ludmer Centre


Dr. Meaney

Stress during pregnancy bad for baby’s brains, Asia One – The Strains Times, December 2014 ()

Ein Gespräch mit dem Neurobiologen Michael Meaney, Mütterliche Zuwendung mildert die Stressempfindlichkeit, NZZ Mediengruppe, December 2014 

The complicated case of the happy child, The Independent, NFLD, November 2014

McGill’s Lasko, Meaney among Prix du Québec winners, McGill Reporter, November 2014 

Prix du Québec, Lise Payette, Manon Barbeau et Denis Marleau parmi les lauréats, Le Devoir, November 2014 

Prix du Québec: Lise Payette et Denis Vaugeois honorés, La Press, November 2014

The 2014 Wilder-Penfield Prize goes to Michael Meaney, EurekAlert, November 2014

Douglas neurobiologist wins Wilder-Penfield Prize, Montreal Gazette, November 2014 

The Science of Suffering, New Republic, November 2014

Michael Meaney awarded 2014 Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize, McGill Reporter, October 2014 

Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize video about Dr Meaney award, Klaus J. Jacobs, October 2014 

ADHS Sensibles Kindergehirn, Sueddeutsche, September 2014 

¿Quiere usted vivir 100 años? EL Pais, September 2014 

Una fórmula para vencer la pobreza, Elespectador, September 2014 

Depressionen bei Mädchen und Knaben, NZZ news, September 2014 

Poverty’s Vicious Cycle Can Affect Our Genes, Wall Street Journal, September 2014

The Way to Beat Poverty, New York Times, September 2014 

Epigenetics, Psychoanalysis, and Listening to Parents,,  August 2014 

Prime Minister announces $3.7M funding for brain research, McGill reporter, May 2014

Traumatische Erlebnisse prägen das Erbgut, Sueddeutsche, April 2014

L’infanzia dei vostri antenati potrebbe essere scritta nel DNA, Scienze Naturali, March 2014 

10 reasons we love love, Salon News, March 2014

Cinco puntos que te explican cómo el amor moldea tu identidad, Pijama Surf, March 2014

Finding the point where nurture meets nature; McGill-based researcher explores how our environment changes genetic coding, Vancouver Sun, February 2014 

Démystifier neuroscience et épigénétique; Le cerveau à tous les niveaux, Agence Science Presse, February 2014

The Smartest Questions to Ask About Intelligence, the Wall Street Journal, February 2014 

Dr. Evans

Ludmer Centre


Ludmer Centre